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Talentsoft offers a unique solution for each of your talent management and learning needs.

Talentsoft Hub – Core HR

Continuous Conversation



Talentsoft Content

Talentsoft for Microsoft Teams

My Talentsoft



Turn your talent management decisions into actions by relying on a unified and adaptable Core HR, no matter how decentralized your organization is.

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Talentsoft Continuous Conversation is a team-centric solution that facilitates coaching conversations between managers and employees, by establishing a flexible OKR* and feedback approach across your organization.
*(Objectives & Key Results)

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Talentsoft Performance focuses on the needs and skills of individuals to help them perform in their roles, evolve their careers, and positively impact team and organizational results.

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Engage each member of the LMS community with unique development opportunities to make learning go viral within your organisation.

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Future-proof your organization with Talentsoft Content.

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Bring HR in the flow of work to foster a collaborative productive workplace by developing interactions and increasing engagement for employees and managers.

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Design your employees' experience by continously connecting people with opportunities, all within one place.

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Ready-to-use Talentsoft Analytics helps HR and managers build a common analytics culture to make enlightened decisions.

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Manage your entire recruitment process successfully: from job requests to onboarding, in a unified, complete and intelligent solution.

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We are now able to identify skill gaps and training actions needed, and this helps us build our corporate programs and corresponding budgets.
Clotilde Fourchet
International Careers Manager — PSB industries
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By embedding our HR processes in the Talentsoft solution, we were able to have a comprehensive view on employee appraisals. This helped us better manage their development in all our operating countries.
Marie-Anne Labidi
HR Development Group Director — Groupe Chantelle
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Talentsoft Learning is the perfect solution for a company like ours, wishing to step into the e-learning world
Maxime Julienne
Head of e-Learning at Carglass? France — Carglass
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